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Training - Consultancy - Talent Agency - Armourer - Fight Choreography - Stunts - Action Coordination - Safety Officer.


All members of Extra Specialists Agency Pty. Ltd. have, but are not limited to, the following training:

Weapon Handling - Abseiling/Rapelling/Fast Rope - Close Quarter Combat

Drill Formation - Basic Stunts - Falls - Fight Choreography/Stage Combat - Riot Contol 

Tactical Vehicle Movement - On-Set Etiquette

Film Terminology - And MOST importantly:



For a full list of skills available, please contact us.


Founder | Managing Director

Shaun was a career soldier with fifteen years in the Australian Army both as a Corporal Combat Engineer and as a Lieutenant Infantry Platoon Commander. Deployments included Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations.

Other roles after leaving Army included Operations Manager, Safety Officer, Training Manager, Shotfirer in Open Cut Coal Mines (which solely involved large explosives works), Business Chamber Vice President.


After a year of Stunt training on the Gold Coast, Australia and Hollywood, Shaun was employed as an Instructor and Safety Officer at the Australian Stunt Academy.

Shaun created Extra Specialists in Feb 2017 after being in a number of films and seeing a way to utilise Veteran's skills and save production costs.

Shaun is a Technical Member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers and a Member of both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Project Managers.



Stunt Coordinator | Managing Director of Extra Specialists Stunts

Luke Gillam began his career in the entertainment industry in 2017. After transitioning from an extensive military career, he went on to complete several professional stunt courses and was later employed as an Instructor at the Australian Stunt Academy. 


Luke is the founding director of Extra Specialists Stunts, which provides performers with the necessary skills required to safely conduct action sequences for film. 


Luke is dedicated to improving the safety standards of high risk acts within the entertainment industry, in conjunction with the Australian High Risk Entertainment Alliance (ARHEA). 


Luke served for 8 years as a Rifleman in 41st RNSWR and 5th Royal Australian Regiment with deployments to the Solomon Islands and Afghanistan.



New Zealand National Manager

Keri served in the New Zealand Army as an Officer in the Royal New Zealand Engineer Regiment.


With a background in emergency engineering, Keri has held leadership roles on operational deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sinai, Egypt.


Keri is terrible in front of the camera, however brings unique skills to our team, including her skills as a senior project manager, extensive military experience, and passion for advancing veteran's affairs.



Armourer | Owner of The Rifleman's Armoury

Owner and operator of The Rifleman's Armoury, Dan is an ex infantry section commander, and has served in Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan with the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

Dan entered the Australian film industry in 2014. After working on a number of feature films and documentaries as a military advisor, Dan felt that what the industry needed was film armourers with significant real world weapons handling experience.

The Infantryman's profession is weapons handling. That kind of experience, built over years of training and operations overseas, can't be replicated in the civilian world.

In 2018, The Rifleman's Armoury was established. We deliver a professional service, by veterans who have spent years safely handling weapons in high stress environments. As well as a licensed film armourer, Dan is also a licensed firearms instructor.




Weapons & Military Skills Instructor

Served 11 years with the Royal Australian Regiment. discharging at the rank of Sergeant whilst still within the Infantry role in 2009.


Peter's service had multiple deployments to East Timor in 99 / 02 / 06 including the Covenant INTERFET campaign and also CHOGM. Pete's instructor postings included Kapooka and ARTC both some of the highest levels of instructional professionalism within the ADF.


Since leaving the military Peter has forged a career in acting finding himself on multiple roles as an extra or lead Actor or working as part of a crew, participating in such films as High Rollers, Escape and Evasion, Occupation 1 and 2, Kong Vs Godzilla. Dora the explorer. AOTCP, Strangeville, Life goes on and many more.


Peter has also received credits as a Military Advisor Costumes and third AD in multiple films within the Queensland film community.

He is respected and trusted by high level production teams to bring his wealth of knowledge to any military type production.


Peter is dedicated to both the veteran and film communities. He brings a unique perspective on bringing together both these worlds and his vast experience within. His passion and his knowledge shine through within his leadership and instructional style.





Security/Body Guard/Riot/Corrections Consultant

Daniel Reader is ex-military, who served for the 15 Transport Squadron, Australian Army Reserves for a few years, in 1998 and has has been acting in many high end films, tv series, commercials, for the last 14 years.

Daniel is a current licenced bodyguard as well as an Emergency Response Team Member working within detention centres around Australia, as a tactical response officer. His team is fully qualified in riot situations within detention. They use full body armour, helmets, riot shields and gas masks to tactically respond to emergency situations.

Daniel has been teaching combat/tactical skills to actors for many years, as he has the experience in these situations both in real life, as well as on set. This shows in the training he provides.

Daniel specialises in real life training that is adapted for film. He teaches real life situations and then adapts these skills for camera.



US MARINE Consultant

Matt served in the US Marine Corps Infantry for ten years, attaining the position of Platoon Sergeant.  He served in five deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East, including the Battle of Ramadi in 2004 where he served as a team leader for “Joker One.” 


Matt also held several instructor roles within the Marine Corps, training Marines and allied militaries. These included Marine Corps Martial Arts instructor, Urban Warfare, and Close Quarters Battle Marksman instructor.


After the Military, Matt completed a degree in Kinesiology and worked in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. In this he found his passion for helping Veterans recover from injuries, and helping them regain their strength and confidence.  Other civilian roles include Wellness Coordinator and Operations Manager.



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